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It occurred to me recently that I haven’t tweeted in a long time. Actually I haven’t LOOKED at Twitter regularly for about a year. Every so often I’ll hop on, but I’m not invested in it the way I was when I sat at a desk at a television museum.

Since I’m in the midst of a graduate degree in digital media, you’d think I’d be increasing my Twitter usage rather than dropping off the face of the Twittersphere. But honestly, the only time I really enjoy Twitter is in the middle of a massive live/shared event when witty Tweets come fast and furious. I just don’t find Twitter useful for keeping up with folks or sharing links. I’ve found that if you’re not tuned in all day, keeping up with any kind of stream seems like a annoying task.

Plus, I enjoy NOT being tethered to a screen when I don’t have to. Over the past year, I’ve come to the realization that screens are not that great. They are not necessarily the best way to interact with technology, they hurt your eyes, and they cause you to ignore the world around you. So the idea of continually monitoring a never-ending stream of links that I’ll never have time to explore just doesn’t work so well for me anymore. This is one of the reasons I’ve been pursuing physical computing.

My plan is to cull my twitter list so it’s less overwhelming. I want to actually CLICK on the quality links that people send, especially the original content they’ve written. In that spirit, I’ll be tweeting out links to my own blog posts (caution: they are mostly related to my projects or wrestling). I do think Twitter is a great platform. I’ll just be using it in a way that actually works for me.