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Things I'm working on and thinking about

Last Friday I graduated from Georgia Tech with a Masters degree. If you told me a few years ago that I would obtain an M.S. from an engineering school, I would have called you crazy. But life is weird and apparently we’re all capable of impossible-sounding feats.

IMG_1692Two years ago, I quit my job and went to grad school because I wanted to create new career opportunities for myself. I felt stuck and envious of people working at cool companies with clients and open concept offices and making a decent living for being creative. For most of my working life, I’ve had jobs where I worked with people in these positions, or in service to them. But I was never a part of that world.

Earlier this year, I started trying to map out (literally, I made mind maps) what I wanted in a job.  I’m happy to say that I’ve secured a job that ticks nearly all the boxes on that list, and a few I didn’t even think to put on there. (I was going to say, “luckily” or “I was lucky to secure a job…” but screw that because it’s not just luck. I worked really hard to create good opportunities for myself!) Next month, I’ll be starting work as an experience designer in the ATL office of Second Story, which is (I have to quote this) “an innovation center pioneering new interactive experiences.” Sounds cool, right?

I’m thrilled to be able to take a job that is so closely aligned with my work at Tech. I’m also looking forward to more structure in my workday so that I can have more of a life during my down time. Getting to stay in our current house is a wonderful bonus.

I’ll continue to update this blog, but it won’t be with class projects or work projects. I’ll be posting more projects that I want to do on my own time, hobbyist-style. Really looking forward to this new chapter…