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See the slideshow in native flickr format. (I recommend checking it out in Flickr because everything is labeled and the embedded slideshows leave a lot to be desired.) Back in 2011, I somehow talked my mom into taking a trip that included the Creation Museum. I remember reading about it during the opening in 2007, and […]

Now that I no longer have to deal with the television industry for my job, I don’t follow the news from TCA all that closely. TCA is basically a junket. After years of doing TV panels, I’m over the format and it’s particularly overdone for television. Drag out the usual suspects, sit them in a […]

Today I got a little bored waiting for an enormous file to upload and I decided to take apart one of the many old game controllers that I scavenged from Jeremy’s childhood stuff. Whenever I open these things up, I’m surprised at how simple and handmade they look inside. For some reason, I expect that […]

It occurred to me recently that I haven’t tweeted in a long time. Actually I haven’t LOOKED at Twitter regularly for about a year. Every so often I’ll hop on, but I’m not invested in it the way I was when I sat at a desk at a television museum. Since I’m in the midst […]

I’m still working on the final documentation for this project, but I made this as part of my lab at Georgia Tech, DWIG, where we concentrated on digital interventions into craft processes. We each worked with a craftsperson to create a digital project that would alter an existing craft process. This is a quick video […]

Thinking Outside the Brick: Learning Through Digital Play   Building simple programmable robots can help students learn key STEM concepts, design skills, and creative program solving. Unfortunately, access to existing robotic kits is limited to those who can afford the high prices, have a supportive adult to teach and encourage them, or have enough prior […]

Sketches (click for larger versions):  

This is something I want to make for our out-of-commission fireplace. I’m thinking of enhancing it with some blinking LEDs.

This semester has been lighter on projects and heavier on reading, but I just completed a design fiction project for my Discovery and Invention class. It was an adventure in Photoshop and whimsy. I just posted it on my portfolio…

While researching some images to manipulate for a design fiction project, I stumbled across this awesome blog with beautiful images from vintage picture books.