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This semester I’m taking a class that covers service design related to food systems. We’re working with a major regional food bank to do some participatory research and design with community members. Last week, I dug into the topic of food pantries and did a bit of research on what it takes to use one. […]

  This is a quick first draft of a touchpoint diagram I made visualizing a common service: the security process at the airport. I actually found this diagramming process kind of fun: really thinking through each interaction and categorizing it. The dotted lines represent various touchpoints and at what stage in the process they occur. […]

This is a project I just completed for my interactive narrative class. It’s a retelling of one of my favorite creepy novels,┬áHouse of Leaves. The first video is a quick teaser. I went back and created a slightly longer video with some voiceover narration to really explain the “game.”