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Monthly Archives: January 2014

This semester I’m taking a class that covers service design related to food systems. We’re working with a major regional food bank to do some participatory research and design with community members. Last week, I dug into the topic of food pantries and did a bit of research on what it takes to use one. […]

  This is a quick first draft of a touchpoint diagram I made visualizing a common service: the security process at the airport. I actually found this diagramming process kind of fun: really thinking through each interaction and categorizing it. The dotted lines represent various touchpoints and at what stage in the process they occur. […]

See the slideshow in native flickr format. (I recommend checking it out in Flickr because everything is labeled and the embedded slideshows leave a lot to be desired.) Back in 2011, I somehow talked my mom into taking a trip that included the Creation Museum. I remember reading about it during the opening in 2007, and […]

After several more rounds of user testing with my kits, I’ve developed a few more to-dos and overall conclusions: 1. The participants needed a lot of guidance and direct instruction to complete the kits. The written materials were very supplementary, although most participants did follow along with them. Given the amount of reassurance and encouragement […]

Now that I no longer have to deal with the television industry for my job, I don’t follow the news from TCA all that closely. TCA is basically a junket. After years of doing TV panels, I’m over the format and it’s particularly overdone for television. Drag out the usual suspects, sit them in a […]

I’ve said for a long time that WWE has been ahead of the curve in the television and digital industries. That’s one of the reasons I decided to work at WWE Digital last summer instead of a corporate PR firm. Because of their unique brand position, perhaps it’s easier for them to shift into new […]

Something rather interesting happened last night on the annual “Old School” edition of WWE’s flagship show, Raw. It was as if USA Network executives spontaneous changed their programming to a combination of Hoosiers, Field of Dreams, and Mike and the Mechanics’ “The Living Years.” I don’t want to type out a lot of factual history, but briefly: Jake […]