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Monthly Archives: September 2013

My excellent boyfriend got me this nifty kit from Bleep Labs for my birthday and I’m super-excited to put it together and start annoying him with noise!

My advisor has suggested doing some kind of sound input for this project, instead of switches or potentiometers. I’m not totally sold on this because I think anything with sound runs the risk of getting lumped into the “sonification ghetto.” I also had some ideas that ran in a completely different direction.  On the other […]

One idea that I can’t quite get out of my head is to hack a Walkman. It’s one of those cheap electronic devices that people are tossing and I really think there’s a lot of potential in the revolving parts. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any tutorials that do what I’m envisioning, although this thing is […]

It occurred to me recently that I haven’t tweeted in a long time. Actually I haven’t LOOKED at Twitter regularly for about a year. Every so often I’ll hop on, but I’m not invested in it the way I was when I sat at a desk at a television museum. Since I’m in the midst […]

This is a nifty little board that can be programmed in the Arduino environment. It’s basically an Arduino with a bunch of pre-installed components, like LEDs, a Piezo buzzer, potentiometer, phototransistor. Very handy for those of us who struggle to compute resistance. This is probably too pricey to use with my project (it’s around 50 […]

  5 myths of educational innovators, part I: disruption, digital natives, and learning styles

This isn’t really much of anything, aside from me experimenting with different materials.   Very high creep factor, though. Basically, I’m currently thinking through different frames/shells to build on. I’ve always liked the idea of using familiar objects and cyborg-ing them, rather than creating some pile of metal and wires. This crazy doll concept reminds […]

So this is a few weeks old, but I wanted to address it anyway. A pretty cool example of the WWE taking a set of opinions espoused by many WWE fans and having it articulated by a “superstar” (er, I mean “diva”) happened recently. I’m referring to AJ Lee’s “pipebomb.” A few months ago, WWE […]

via   Tutorial : Hack a toy for your first Arduino project  

I’ve been experimenting with different hacks and a sort of frame/cage for a simple Arduino project. I’m rather fond of the idea of Arduino-hacking a Barbie or baby doll, and lo and behold, there’s an Instructable for that: