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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Found this Instructable on hacking together LEGO bricks and Arduino: “LEGO + Arduino = Brickduino (1. the LED)”    

Great blog post on the Raspberry Pi website about teachers developing formal and informal lessons with Raspberry Pi    

Sketches (click for larger versions):  

Just a few thoughts to jot down: This week we went to a WWE Raw taping. One of the odd things about seeing wrestling live is that, aside from crowd noise, the matches are pretty quiet. You realize what a big difference the announce team makes in the home viewing experience. It’s also hard to […]

This is something I want to make for our out-of-commission fireplace. I’m thinking of enhancing it with some blinking LEDs.

So I have awesome professors who let me borrow these cool toys to play around with in the name of research. I have what I think is a discontinued PicoCricket kit that I’m going to play with this week. What’s interesting is that PICO is now selling the PicoBoard (above) instead of the board design […]

This semester has been lighter on projects and heavier on reading, but I just completed a design fiction project for my Discovery and Invention class. It was an adventure in Photoshop and whimsy. I just posted it on my portfolio…

I’m interested in exploring this little board. Looks like it provides a bunch of the typical Arduino accessories that you’d normally hook up via breadboard and places them on one (crowded) board. I’m not sure about this concept. While it could allow kids to explore different outputs and inputs quickly, I think something might get […]

While researching some images to manipulate for a design fiction project, I stumbled across this awesome blog with beautiful images from vintage picture books.