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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Another great point from an askreddit thread You have to realize that wrestling is, essentially, a giant unspoken LARP where the wrestlers are “the athletes” and you and the rest of the audience are “the fans.” CHIKARA Pro takes this to the obvious logical end by havingmoments like this¬†(wait for the audience to start chanting), […]

This surprises people, but I’m really interested in wrestling fandom. I’m shocked that there aren’t more papers and research on it, since it’s a fan studies (or gender/queer studies) gold mine. I’d like to do some academic writing about pro-wrestling this year, so I’m collecting bits and pieces of online content that seem to get […]

Here’s a quick riff on Propp’s morphology of the folktale (made for my Interactive Narrative class) using Saved by the Bell. It’s actually kind of interesting that Zack is not really a traditional hero. He gets his comeuppance more often than not and is frequently working in opposition to his friends.¬†

Here’s the informal statement about my masters project, just to provide some context for what I’ll probably be posting about on this blog. The goal of my project is to create a device that can teach elementary-aged students how programmable devices work and encourage discovery through trial and error. Arduino microcontrollers, while considerably more accessible […]