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I’ve been experimenting with different hacks and a sort of frame/cage for a simple Arduino project. I’m rather fond of the idea of Arduino-hacking a Barbie or baby doll, and lo and behold, there’s an Instructable for that:

VIA I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make the concept of computation concrete and physical. Although this machine was clearly built by an expert, I wonder how non-experts could begin to build a mechanical device in the style of a Turing machine and then transfer those concepts to a simple digital prototype. […]

Found this Instructable on hacking together LEGO bricks and Arduino: “LEGO + Arduino = Brickduino (1. the LED)”    

Great blog post on the Raspberry Pi website about teachers developing formal and informal lessons with Raspberry Pi    

So I have awesome professors who let me borrow these cool toys to play around with in the name of research. I have what I think is a discontinued PicoCricket kit that I’m going to play with this week. What’s interesting is that PICO is now selling the PicoBoard (above) instead of the board design […]

I’m interested in exploring this little board. Looks like it provides a bunch of the typical Arduino accessories that you’d normally hook up via breadboard and places them on one (crowded) board. I’m not sure about this concept. While it could allow kids to explore different outputs and inputs quickly, I think something might get […]

Here’s the informal statement about my masters project, just to provide some context for what I’ll probably be posting about on this blog. The goal of my project is to create a device that can teach elementary-aged students how programmable devices work and encourage discovery through trial and error. Arduino microcontrollers, while considerably more accessible […]